Wireless safety systems

Sometimes, persons must access dangerous areas of machinery and installations to carry out machine settings or fault elimination, for example. Because they are out of the reach, stationary emergency-stop buttons can not be reached early enough for a cutoff of the machinery within seconds. SAFEMASTER®W, a wireless companion for your safety, is the solution for this problem. It allows you to cut off dangerous movements within a fraction of a second. 

• Better availability of your machines and plants
• Mobile and flexible because it is portable or hand-held
• Versatile
• Safe, SK4 acc. to EN 954-1
• Performance Level "e" acc. to DIN EN ISO 13849-1
• Radio technology, without wear and maintenance
• User-friendly and ergonomic
• Convenient one-hand operation

Multifunctional safety solutions: SAFEMASTER®W
to EN 954
auxiliary contacSolid state
not safe
Emergency stopLicht- gitterSchutz- türStartWire- lessNC contactRückführung für externe Überwachung
Radio controlled
safety module
+++++PL "e"4311667.5BI 5910
Remote control for SAFEMASTER® W
FunctionActuators1-step push
2-step push
rotational switch with auto return
marking areasMeasures
emergency-stop pushbuttonStart- Taster
Remote control
for BI 5910
++4-+446x78x143RE 5910/001
Remote control
for BI 5910
++4++446x78x143RE 5910/002
Remote control
for BI 5910
++4-+446x78x143RE 5910/003
Remote control
for BI 5910
++4++446x78x143RE 5910/004
Remote control
for BI 5910
++31+446x78x143RE 5910/005
Remote control
for BI 5910
++22++446x78x143RE 5910/006
Remote control
for BI 5910
++22-+446x78x143RE 5910/007
Accessories SAFEMASTER® W
Industrial charger unitRE 5910/010
Accessories - remote controlPower supply for charger AC 230V (Euro connector)RE 5910/011
Power supply for charger AC 230V (U.K. connector)RE 5910/013
Power supply for charger DC 24 VRE 5910/012
Green electronic key with programRE 5910/020 *
Orange electronic key with programRE 5910/021 *
Set with 6 colour stickers -movements- for 2-step push buttonsRE 5910/030
Set with 90 black and white stickersRE 5910/031
Set with 48 white stickers and 48 transparent protection stickers for
individual marking
RE 5910/033
Replacement rechargeable batteryRE 5910/051
Remote control holster for RE5910; Material: leather,
- metal clip to fix it on belt.
- with rings to clip in the personal mounting harness RE 5910/071
RE 5910/070
Personal mounting harness with elastic straps to carry the remote control
in the holster RE5910/070 on the body of the operator.
RE 5910/071
Accessories Radio controlled safety moduleStraight 1/4 l aerial 433-434 MHZ - BNCRE 5910/040
Straight 1/2 l aerial 433-434 MHZ - BNCRE 5910/041
2 m Extension for aerial and trough hole connector - BNC and fixing angleRE 5910/042
5 m Extension for aerial and trough hole connecto - BNC and fixing angleRE 5910/043
Extension 50 cm and trough hole connectoRE 5910/045
Aerial link with 2 aerials RE5910/040 and 5 m wireRE5910/044
90° adapter for aerialRE 5910/046
1 infra red receiver with 10 m wireRE 5910/060
10 m extension wire for infra red moduleRE 5910/061
* Important: Please state the following details on order:
- Number of electronic key (6 figure number, noted on page 2 of this manual)
- Frequency channel, if it should be programmed by manufacturer (01-64)
- Time delay for activity control (01-99 sec or 01-98 min)

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