Safety interlocks

Don't you wish you had a simple safety and key interlock system to protect your dangerous working areas. If you are looking for a reliable, expandable, flexible and cost saving solution, then you have found the perfect solution with SAFEMASTER® STS.

• Modular expandable system
• Robust stainless steel construction
• For use in extreme ambient temperatures and hostile conditions, e.g. dust, moisture, dirt, etc.
• Protection against being locked in
• Ergonomic key design
• Economic and easy to use

Product selection:
9 Modules => 48.000 possible combinations.

Modular design, flexibility and easy extending make it possible: SAFEMASTER® STS offers an optimised, totally individual guarding solution for your application. The guard fits to your application, not vice versa.

Describe your application and we will be happy to advise you on guarding your plants.