Frenic Eco Series


Fuji Electric has developed a special inverter for HVAC and pump applications named Frenic Eco.

The capacity range of Frenic Eco is from 0,75 kW to 110 kW for 3 phase 200 V supply and 0,75 kW to 560 kW for 3 phase 400 V supply, in IP20/IP00 protection degree. Also there is an IP54 version, with a capacity range from 0.75 kW to 90 kW for 3 phase 400 V supply. The overload capability for all the range is 120 % of the rated current for 1 minute.

Frenic Eco can be set up for constant torque or variable torque applications.

It includes a full set of functions dedicated to HVAC and pump applications:
– Line/Inverter switching. With this function the inverter is able to handle by itself the sequence of changing the supply of the motor from the inverter to the mains. This sequence can be activated using a digital input or can be programmed to enter automatically when an alarm occurs in the inverter.
– PID control block. The inverter has a complete PID control block with some advanced functions as:

  •  Anti-reset wind-up function.The integration can be programmed to be active only when the error between the set point and the process feedback is lower than the value programmed in the function. This avoids big overshoots of the control system
  • Slow flow rate stop function. The inverter will stop the motor when the output frequency is under a threshold value programmed in a function.
  • Alarm output (deviation or absolute value). A digital output can be programmed to be active when the deviation (error) between the set point and the process feedback is greater than the value programmed in the function.
  • Integration Hold/Reset function. The integration can be hold or reset, by using digital inputs of the inverter.
– Low output torque detection function. With this function the inverter is able to detect an abnormal sudden change of the load torque. For example, this function can be used to detect that the transmission belt of a fan is broken.
– Search speed function. The inverter is able to start controlling a motor that is already turning by external forces (for example a fan that turns by convection), avoiding failures as over current or over voltage.
– Command loss detection function. The inverter can detect that the speed set point has been reduced to a very low value in a very short time (less than 400 ms); if this occurs the inverter will activate a digital output to indicate this situation and continue to RUN at a specified speed.
– Overload avoidance function. The inverter is able to detect that its internal temperature is near the overheat limit; if this happens it will automatically reduce the output frequency (output power) to reduce the temperature of the inverter.
– Automatic energy saving function. Included as a standard feature is a new, automatic energy-saving function, which controls the system so as to minimize the total loss (motor loss plus inverter loss), rather than just the motor loss as in the predecessor models. This feature thus contributes to further saving of energy in applications with fans and pumps.

– Multi Pump control. With this function the inverter can control more than one pump. There are two types of control: floating inverter-driven control or fixed inverter-driven control. In the first one all pumps are supplied by the inverter (when the first one reaches the maximum speed it is switched to the mains supply and then the second is started with the inverter); in this case the maximum number of pumps that can be controlled is 3. In the second type only one pump is always supplied by the inverter and the others are supplied directly from the mains; in this case the maximum number of pumps is 5.

Frenic Eco includes as a standard 7 digital inputs, 3 transistor digital outputs and 2 relay transistor outputs. 3 relay outputs can be added, by using an option board (OPC-E1-RY). Regarding analog signal points, the inverter has 3 analog inputs ( 10 V, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V) and two analog outputs (0-10 V, 4-20 mA).

The inverter includes as a standard one RS485 port. A second serial port can be added with an option board (OPC-E1-RS); this second serial port is provided with two connectors that allow an easy T-branch connection.

The inverter is supplied as standard with a LED keypad (TP-E1). This keypad allows to set up all the functions and to monitor the status of the inverter. Also this keypad can save the complete parameter set of one inverter. This keypad can be remotely connected by using a standard LAN cable. As an option there is a LCD keypad (TP-G1) that shows the information in text format. This keypad can save the complete parameter set of 3 inverters. Also with this keypad a menu 0 (easy menu) can be defined.

Fieldbus options are already available for DeviceNet (OPC-F1-DEV), ProfiBus (OPC-F1-PDP) and LonWorks (OPC-F1-LNW). These options are cost competitive and easy to install inside the body of the inverter.

Regarding EMC compatibility, Frenic Eco fulfils the directive EN61800-3:2004..

The harmonic content of the input current can be reduced by using a DC reactor, which is standard for capacities of 75 kW and above. The DC reactor also reduces the value of the input current, therefore reducing the installation costs.

Like other products from Fuji Electric, Frenic Eco gives a complete maintenance information: the information of the last 4 alarms is saved in the inverter memory (code of the alarm, output frequency, output voltage, output current, digital inputs and outputs status,..); also the cumulative running time of the inverter fan, cumulative running of the inverter and the actual capacity of the main DC link capacitors is stored inside the inverter. This information can be very useful to take preventive maintenance actions.

 Frenic Eco series

Capacity range, kW ModelDimensions, ммWeight, kg
0,75FRN 0.75 F1S-4E1502601633,1
1,5FRN 1.5 F1S-4E1502601453,2
2,2FRN 2.2 F1S-4E1502601633,3
4,0FRN 3.7 F1S-4E1502601633,4
5,5FRN 5.5 F1S-4E1502601633,4
7,5FRN 7.5 F1S-4E2202602155,8
11FRN 11 F1S-4E2202602156,0
15FRN 15 F1S-4E2202602156,9
18,5FRN 18.5 F1S-4E2504002159,4
22FRN 22 F1S-4E2504002159,9
30FRN 30 F1S-4E25040021511,5
37FRN 37 F1S-4E32055025523
45FRN 45 F1S-4E32055025524
55FRN 55 F1S-4E35555027033
75FRN 75 F1S-4E35561527034
90FRN 90 F1S-4E35574030042
110FRN 110 F1S-4E35574030045
132FRN 132 F1S-4E53074031563
160FRN 160 F1S-4E53074036067
200FRN 200 F1S-4E530100036096
220FRN 220 F1S-4E530100036098