For installation and adjustment of Fuji Electric pressure transmitters Advanced Systems Baltic OU offers different accessories for them.


вентильный блокFuji Electric is able to offer the most comprehensive range of pressure transmitter manifold available to users for wide variety of application and industries.

Oval flanges

Овальный фланецOval flanges allow to connect pulse lines with 1/2 NPTE thread with Fuji Electric pressure transmitters which have 1/4 NPTI process connection as a standard.

Enclosure systems

Защитный корпусFuji Electric is able to provide the customer with different types of enclosures. Different sizes of enclosures are available for one or several process instruments.

Hand held communicator (HHC)

КоммуникаторThe Fuji Electric hand held communicator (HHC) is a very useful configuration tool for the FCXAII transmitter. As a menu driven device the HHC can be used to remotely display and configure different transmitter parameters.

Using the Hart® communication protocol, the FCX-AII transmitter can also be configured by any Hart® protocol compatible hand held communicator.

Hart Explorer software

USB/Hart модемThe FCX-AII V5 pressure transmitter can also be configured using Hart® communication based software “Hart® Explorer” connected to your Laptop or PC. Configuration of the above parameters is possible and the settings can also be saved for future reference. It’s also possible to measure and record process values. The interface between the PC and the transmitter is performed by a mini modem USB/Hart® to guarantee the communication between the PC and the 4 to 20 mA loop of the transmitter.