Frequency inverters


Frequency inverters are used to control the speed of induction motors by varying the frequency of the motor supply voltage. Variable-frequency electric drive allows to control speed in a wide range, both during operation and acceleration/deceleration. Frequency inverters also protect the motor against overload, therefore the service life of electrical and mechanical parts of equipment increases. Usage of variable-frequency drive is economically sound in a variety of machines and can achieve up to 60 % of energy saving.

Frequency inverters Advanced Control Advanced Control frequency inverters

Advanced Control frequency inverters provide excellent quality, reliability, multifunctionality, the highest technical characteristics and are easy to use. All functions of these inverters are well-targeted that allow to take into account any consumer's needs and technological features of process flowsheet.

Capacity range from 0,4 kW to 1000 kW

Frequency inverters Fuji Electric Fuji Electric frequency inverters

Fuji Electric frequency inverters provide excellent quality, superb technical and performance characteristics. Capacity range allows to use Fuji Electric inverters with particular load over a wide range.

Capacity range from 0,1 kW to 710 kW

Hitachi frequency inverters Hitachi frequency inverters

Hitachi frequency inverters provide the highest fault tolerance, reliable level of motor protection, energy efficiency. They have opportunities for setting up and programming, as well as the ability to install optional modules, that allow to extend the range of equipment application.

Capacity range from 0,1 kW to 400 kW