Ultrasonic flowmeters

Ultrasonic flowmeters are based on transit-time measuring method and are particularly suitable for liquid flow measurement (temperature -40 to +200°C). The sensors (Clamp-on type) are mounted on the pipe without need to cut or drill it for installation. The 32 bits microprocessor based electronics allows a high accuracy (±1%), a response time of 1 second or less, a very good immunity to air bubbles (ABM system) and to change of fluid pressure and temperature (continuous calculation of sonic speed).

`Расходомеры.Time Delta C series
This ultrasonic fixed type flowmeter consist of two sensors clamped on the pipe. ) and of a digital converter, remote mounted. The converter and the sensors have IP66 protection. In option, The sensor are available with IP68 protection.

`Расходомеры.Portaflow-C series
This ultrasonic portable flowmeter consists of two sensors clamped on the pipe (DN 13 to 6000 mm, according to sensors) and of a digital converter operating on internal battery or on power line. A graphical printer for screen hard copy is available in option. The standard converter have IP64 protection.