Microjet series recorder model PHА

The microjet recorder is a revolutionary recorder, its ink jet color printer technology is adopted in industrial type recorders for the first time in the world. Fuji established ink jet technology based on the unique silicon chip manufacturing process for FCX transmitters. The ink jet printing mechanism provides up to 24 continuous traces with a 180mm width recorder and 6 continuous trace with a 100mm width recorder without pen offset. The mechanism also provides six sharply defined colors. Microjet recorder was designed with a reduced number of complicated mechanical parts to make it as trouble-free as possible.

The ink jet head is formed on a stable quality silicon chip. The ink jet head printing mechanism does not touch the chart paper, allowing reliable recording.

The ink jet mechanism is formed on a thin silicon chip (17.6 x 16mm) using silicon micro machining technology. It is provided with piezo elements. With voltage applied to the piezo elements, the shape of the elements changes as shown in the diagram, and ink particles are ejected from the tip of the nozzle. These particles are very small and fast, and draw a series of very small dots of about 0.3mm diameter on the chart paper. These small dots are combined together to form characters and trace lines for clear visible recording.


This recorder can record a maximum of 12 channels of DC voltage, mA, thermocouples and resistance bulbs. The adoption of an ink jet system makes it possible to record measured data in analog trace mode or to print in digital mode at a high speed. This 180mm-wide recorder performs recording clearly in 6 different colors.




    Chart width/length


    No. of input channel


    Input Signal type

    TC (J, K, E, R, B, S, T, L, U, W, PN, N), RTD, DC V (±50mV,±500mV, ±5V, ±50V DC), DC mA

    Measuring cycle



    Display Accuracy: ±0.15% of measuring range, ± 1 digit without cold junction compensation error
    Analog Trace Accuracy: display accuracy ±0.25% of measuring range


    Fluorescent (20 characters x 2 lines)

    Chart speed

    5-300mm/h continuous trace
    301-1500mm/h intermittent trace

    Recording cycle

    = 450/chart speed (more than 2 seconds)


    Square root extraction, Subtraction, Scaling, Input filter, Logarithm

    Report Generation

    Daily report, Totalize list, Parameter list, Test pattern, Measured value list, Logging print, Message print


    H, L, RH, RL for each input, Burnout, Ink-out, Chart end, Battery alarm


    Alarm output: 6/12 Relay output
    Remote control: Record start/stop, Chart speed change, Measured value print, Message print
    Communication: RS-485, T-Link
    Chart Illumination: Cold cathode fluorescent

    Power supply

    100-240V AC
    (Usable Range 85-300VAC)

    Окружающая среда

    Temperature: 0 to 50°C IEC IP50
    Humidity: 20 to 80%RH
    (Temp. (°C) x Humi. (%RH) < 3200)

    Mass {weight} Approx.

    6kg (without options)