Braking Devices AC-VersiBrake 230/400-6/25/30LT

Braking Devices AC-VersiBrake 230/400-6/25/30LT


  • • direct online start via motor contactor
  • • overload protection
  • • braking current control
  • • automatic remanence time optimization
  • • braking current infinitely adjustable 10-100%
  • • braking interrupt is possible
  • • restart 1,2s after braking interrupt
  • • braking time adjustable
  • • potential-free output for motor contactor interlocking during braking; also usable to energize the star contactor during braking


  • • DC braking with one-way rectification
  • • suitable for all asynchronous motors and for mono phase motors
  • • controlled by microcontroller
  • • easy mounting, also for retrofitting into existing plants
  • • wear-resistant and maintenance-free
  • • integrated braking contactor
  • • for snap-on mounting onto 35mm DIN rail
  • • degree of protection IP 20
  • • successor for braking devices type BR and BR-L

Typical Applications:

  • • sawing machines
  • • centrifuges
  • • wood working machines
  • • textile machines
  • • conveying systems



Type designationAC-VB 230-6LTAC-VB 230-25LTAC-VB 230-30LTAC-VB 400-6LTAC- VB 400-25LTAC-VB 400-30LT
Mains voltage acc. to DIN EN 50160 (IEC 38) 220/240V ±10% 50/60Hz380/415V ±10% 50/60Hz
Power draw of electronics3 VA
Recommended for rated motor currents up to0,3...З А2...12,5 A2...15 A0,3...З А2...12,5 A2...15 A
Rated device current upto a braking time of 20s6 A25 A30 A6 A25 A30 A
Rated device current at a braking time of 30s6 A17 A20 A6 A17 A20 A
max. Braking frequency at a braking time of 5s1/8 s1/60 s1/90 s1/8 s1/60 s1/90 s
I2t- value of power semiconductors 310 А2s1250 А2s1350 А2s310 А2s1250 А2s1350 А2s
Braking voltage0 ... 110VDC0 ... 220VDC
max. Braking time0 … 30s (special device 0 … 60s available)
Contact rating (control relay)3A/250VAC; 3A/30VDC
Delay time for reduction of residual e.m.f.Self-optimizing in the range between 0,2 … 1,8s
max. Cross-sectional area for connection2 x 2,5 mm2 per terminal
Ambient / Storage temperature0 °C...45 °C/-25 °C...75 °C
Weight / kg0,6
Order number2B200.230062B200.230252B200.230302B200.400062B200.400252B200.40030


Connection Diagramm:

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