HItachi P60X01A 60\" Full HD Plasma TV

The next generation of television is here. The Hitachi X-Series displays cinema-quality colour, texture and depth through 1920 x 1080 HD resolution, eradicating judder for the ultimate, near-reality experience.

All models in the X Series feature three HDMI ports, with one located at the front for easy access, allowing you to connect a variety of HD devices — Blu-ray players, HD DVD players and any of the latest generation of HD games consoles — extending your viewing pleasure further still. There is also a built-in SD card slot so you can instantly view photos from your digital camera.

Hitachi's PictureMaster Full HD graphics engine works behind the scenes to produce dazzling HD images. Three advanced techniques are employed: colour, contrast, and clarity controls. Every picture is analyzed frame by frame and optimised resulting in whiter whites and smoother, more balanced blacks. After the PictureMaster Full HD engine has chosen the image's colours — the Hitachi colour gamut is wider than the HDTV specification — Hitachi's exclusive MBP (Multi-Band Pass) Filter adds greater depth and contrast. Hue, saturation and brightness are all managed as well to prevent images from "whiting" or "blacking" out; and by reducing MPEG block noise from DVD movies, MPEG noise reduction generates smoother images, enhancing the quality of the DVD viewing experience.

Another exclusive technology is Hitachi's Movie Frame Rate Converter. Think of the moving picture as a series of still images or, in video-speak, frames. Movies that were filmed at 24 frames per second have to be converted to 60 frames per second to broadcast on television. Conventional methods simply duplicate or triplicate the existing frames to make up the time length difference. Hitachi's Movie FRC technology analyzes the existing frames and actually supplements them with newly created frames. The result is a more linear sequence of images and smoother movement with the absolute minimum of stuttering or jerkiness.

By lighting screen lines alternately, Hitachi 1080 HD ALiS panels significantly reduce the wear on screen phosphors, thus achieving an average panel life of 60,000 hours. To put that in perspective, if you watched this plasma TV for 5 hours every day, you'd still be watching in 30 years. Does that make it worth looking at? We think so.

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