New StarBoard FX Duo interactive whiteboard series

The versatile DuoBoard is the pen-driven interactive whiteboard that you can also operate with your finger. Its hard surface makes it just about unbreakable and it will take multiple users. This makes it perfect for training, group work and educational games.

The DuoBoard also comes with a low-reflection screen for sensitive eyes, dual-hand operation and an electronic pen.
Ideas and alterations to designs, draft documentation, sketches, pictures or video clips can be changed during a meeting and alterations saved immediately for distribution. The board can even be linked in real time, so that meeting participants in different locations can participate in a virtual meeting.

FX-Duo at a glance:

Robust surface - The surface is robust and the whiteboard works even if there are scratches/dents on the surface
Low reflection - Projector reflection is minimized making it gentle on the eyes
Input Methods - Use a finger/object or an electronic Pen to operate the whiteboard
Simultaneous Inputs - Operate the whiteboard using both hands (gestures). Scroll and Zoom-in/Zoom-out
Field Replaceable Digitiser - A detachable digitiser makes it unnecessary to send the whole unit for repairing
Electronic Pen. Includes three side buttons

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