New StarBoard BT-2G Bluetooth Wireless System

Further providing educators, trainers, and corporate presenters with fully interactive presentation systems, Hitachi Software announced the introduction of the new StarBoard BT-2G Bluetooth Wireless System tablet. The new tablet comes equipped with an interactive pen tool and is compatible with StarBoard interactive T-17SXL and T-15XL panels. The new BT-2G tablet will provide presenters with even greater access and versatility, allowing for highly interactive and dynamic communications.

The newly upgraded and versatile BT-2G Bluetooth System features a range of up to 65 feet and a battery life of 24 hours. This extended range gives presenters extensive roaming capability in any presentation environment. Additionally, presenters have the ability to connect up to seven BT-2G systems to a PC. The pen which operates the lightweight system is compatible with Hitachi Software‘s T-15XL and T-17SXL systems and features an LED battery indicator providing reassurance to users with a low battery warning. The BT-2G is also RoHS compliant and compatible with Bluetooth technology.

“This new lightweight, handheld tablet underscores Hitachi Software‘s commitment to providing the most interactive and productive presentation systems to educators, presenters and businesses,” commented Eddie Ishikawa, StarBoard product manager, Hitachi Software. “This powerful system makes a great fit for any classroom, training room, lecture hall, or media conferencing system. With its compatibility to StarBoard software version 7.1 and the T-15XL and T-17SXL systems, the BT-2G is a limitless, cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for any presentation system.”

The compact, charcoal grey StarBoard BT-2G Bluetooth Tablet is just 9.5” x 10” x 1.2” and weighs approximately one pound. The BT-2G tablet also features a writing resolution of 1000 Lpi, which is twice the resolution of its predecessor.

In addition to the BT-2G interactive tablet, the StarBoard family of products includes the StarBoard FX-Series of interactive whiteboards widely used in both education and business applications; the StarBoard T-Series interactive panels with applications in lecture halls and training rooms allowing presenters and teachers the ability to face the class while manipulating the screen; and the StarBoard P-55X interactive plasma display for use in smaller boardrooms or classrooms.

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