The CPX1 and CPX2 is the ultimate portable projector

The CPX1 and CPX2 is the ultimate portable projector for the mobile business consumer. Combining stunning features with powerful performance in a lightweight and compact design, the CPX1 delivers whichever way you look at it.

At last, a projector for today’s mobile professional

Combining stunning features with powerful performance in a lightweight and compact design, the CPX1 and CPX2 are built for portability. Weighing just 1.7kg (CPX1) and smaller than a sheet of A4 paper, these are the ultimate portable projector for the mobile business consumer.

Picture perfect
Just because it’s compact doesn’t mean we’ve compromised. The CPX1 and CPX2 have a 2000 ANSI Lumens brightness. This means they will deliver crisp sharp images, with real punch and can be seen perfectly in all lighting conditions

Get your audience’s full attention

The CPX1 and CPX2 offer the least distraction from your presentations. With a noise level of 29dB its internal fan is one of the quietest in its class, so all your audience will hear is what you have to say, not the operating noise of the projector.

No space? No problem.

The CPX1 and CPX2 have one of the shortest throws on the market, rojecting a 60" screen at 1.5m, providing the biggest possible picture in the tightest space. And with its powerful optical zoom lens, you can almost project from anywhere.

PC-less presentations

Thanks to its built-in USB reader, you can present images and presentations, computerfree, direct from your USB device. Eliminating the need to connect cables you can ensure a smooth start to your presentations. And if you want to bring your laptop, the CPX1 and CPX2 have a wide range of inputs too.

Ready when you are

The CPX1 and CPX2 start up in just 3 seconds. And with its instant off function there’s no waiting when you’ve finished either. Plus, you don’t have to wait for it to cool down, as soon as you’re ready to leave it is too.

Whiteboard and Blackboard Modes

In rooms with no screen, the CPX1 and CPX2 can project on a whiteboard or blackboard. In whiteboard mode, the white signal is only half as bright, ensuring optimum visibility. The blackboard mode is compatible with both blackboard and green blackboards.

Auto Vertical Keystone Correction

Keystone distortion occurs when the projector is inclined. This is automatically detected by a gravity sensor inside the projector and corrected. It’s one more way the CPX1 and CPX2 smooths your preparation for a presentation.

Security Functions
The CPX1 and CPX2 have a wide range of security features including a transition detector which saves the installed settings, if moved the projector will need to be re-adjusted, this can only be completed once the password is entered. The PIN security lock system protects the projector from unauthorised use - if the projector is switched on without the code the projector is unusable. To complete the security functions of these projectors, the MyScreen PIN lock creates a personal start up screen that cannot be changed without the PIN, allowing identification of the rightful owner.

Projector Monitoring & Control
The CPX2 can be integrated through a wired or wireless connection, into a LAN for centralized monitoring of power, input, lamp time and other functions. In fact, more than 500 projectors can be monitored from a single PC. It is also possible to control the power and other functions of a single specified projector or of all projectors linked via the LAN. This makes operating projectors installed in different rooms a simple task. Moreover, Projector Monitoring and Control can be applied to both wired and wireless networks.

Email Alerts
Using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), the projector is able to remotely monitor and diagnose its status and the status of other network applications with SNMP Management Software. When an error or trouble occurs, the projector uses Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to send a warning message to up to five e-mail addresses.

Control and Monitoring via Web browser
Projectors can be controlled and monitored via a web browser without having to download and install application software.

Features at a glance
2000lm, XGA
Light weight <1.7kg (CPX1)
PC-less presentation via USB
Short throw lens – 60” @ 1.5 m
Low noise level 29dB
Auto Vertical Keystone Correction
Quick-start (3 seconds)
802.11g wireless model (CPX2)

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