Quick and easy wireless connection with the new Hitachi CPX4 portable LCD projector

Hitachi Digital Media Group announced the launch of the new CPX4 LCD projector designed to deliver convenience and performance in modern business environments such as meetings and sales presentations. With the same high quality bright image, low noise levels and light weight design of the popular CPX2, the CPX4 brings the additional convenience of Hitachi’s new quick connection software. This removes a key frustration of many business users by ensuring that the CPX4 be can very quickly and easily connected to PC’s via wired or wireless networks.

“The CPX4 provides the next level in convenience for business users who need to walk into a meeting room and start presenting with the minimum amount of fuss and delay. Hitachi has taken the exceptional price / performance of the ultra portable CPX2 and made the CPX4 even easier to use by simplifying the connection to the network,” said Axel Kutschke, Senior Manager, Presentation Products for Hitachi Digital Media Group. “Never before have business professionals had such a clear cut choice with a projector that ticks all the boxes: performance, portability, ease of use and convenience all in one package.”
The quick connection software on the new CPX4 provides users with just a few easy steps to link their PC to the projector. Simply switch on the projector, enter the pin code displayed into the PC and it’s ready to deliver bright, colourful presentations. Issues with connectivity and firewalls are a thing of the past. Even more powerful, up to four individual computers can be connected in this way, making multiuser presentations quick, easy and trouble-free. The CPX4 even caters for users without a computer with the PC-less presentation feature, allowing users to load the presentation to a USB memory stick or an SD card which is then plugged it into the projector to run.

Once connected to the network the CPX4 also benefits from the Hitachi network management software that allows monitoring and control of individual or groups of projectors. The software facilitates email alerts for routine maintenance requirements or error conditions, as well as remote or scheduled functions such as power off. The My Image facility allows projection of images transferred across the network from other computers or stage devices.

The CPX4 delivers high contrast, XGA images that at 2000 lumens are bright enough for large meeting rooms. At the same time the short throw wide-angle lens offers a 60” screen from as close as 1.5m while the low noise output of only 29dB means that presentation comfort is equally high in small, cramped meeting rooms.

Despite its ultra portable nature, like all Hitachi projectors the CPX4 is also strong on security features. The pin lock and My Screen pin lock prevent unauthorised usage, while the transition detector, security label and Kensington lock help to deter and prevent thefts.

The very compact dimensions and light weight of the CPX4 also hide an array of popular Hitachi features that the model shares with its larger stable mates. These include the new template function making it easier to write onto whiteboards and blackboards by projecting guide lines onto the board. Input source naming, resolutions presets and custom modes are also powerful features that make Hitachi projectors easy to use by occasional users, particular as computer display formats still vary widely. Availability

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