21st Century Skills through 21st Century Tools

The StarBoard FXDUO offers 21st century classrooms the next generation of interactive whiteboards by allowing up to two points of contact and multi-touch gestures for a new and exciting way to interact with your classroom computer and lessons. Now two students can collaborate on the board together, or a teacher can explore a map by zooming into specific areas by simply spreading their two fingers apart. All electronics on the FXDUO are contained in a replaceable component covered under a five-year warranty. This provides an electronic-free surface for more durable use, as the board remains fully operational even with minor scratches or dents.

Features & Benefits

Control using multi-touch hand gestures for a natural interface
No special pens required: Use your finger, electronic pen (optional) , or any object
Have two students working at the same time
Electronic-free surface can work with damage
No hot spot, keeps the eyes of students and teachers safe
14 customizable side buttons for quick and easy use without navigating software
Place magnets on the surface to display student work or paper charts when board is off.
All electronics are contained in a replaceable component covered under a 5 year warranty

Multi-touch: Designed with Teachers and Students in Mind

The ability to use two hands naturally creates a whole new interface for whiteboards and computers in the classroom. For example, a teacher can bring a static diagram of a plant cell to life by zooming into detailed areas -- just by spreading his or her two fingers apart, marking it up with vibrant inks, and then linking it to a free flash simulation on the internet.

The complete interactive StarBoard Software is included with every FX Series whiteboard with access to the following free resources for all StarBoard users.

5,000+ learning objects
State aligned activities and lessons
Mult-e-Maths Toolbox Light Edition

Open Educator Resources

Hitachi Software supports 21st century learning and open educator resources through our free state aligned resource center featuring a vast amount of interactive lessons, activities, and educational software from our approved partners and educators across the globe.

Technical specifications
Hitachi FX-DUO-63
Hitachi FХ-DUO-77
Hitachi FХ-DUO-88-W

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