A new family of Short Throw LCD projectors

Hitachi Digital Media Group announces a new family of Short Throw LCD projectors that build on the tremendous success of the company’s market-leading Ultra Short Throw models but provide customers with a range of performance characteristic to meet every need. Delivering a bright, colourful and shadow-free 80” (2.02m) screen in throw distances from 82cm to 93cm, the new models combine innovations in Short Throw direct projection or mirror technology allied to the quality and low cost of ownership for which Hitachi is renowned. With three education specific projectors and three Multi-Purpose models, the extensive new range offers customers plenty of options in terms of performance, convenience and price.

With Hitachi dominating the market for Ultra Short Throw projectors, our customers have been asking us for the same level of innovation and quality but with Short Throw options to meet a variety of usage needs. This new family of direct throw and mirrored LCD projectors now provides a complete range of Short Throw distances to meet every customer requirement in both educational and corporate environments,” said Axel Kutschke, Senior Manager, Presentation Products for Hitachi Digital Media Group. “With the evident benefits to presenters and audiences of Short and Ultra Short Throw projectors these markets are set for strong customer adoption. These new models build on our initial success and bring Hitachi innovation in areas such as Short Throw lens technology and TCO reduction in order to provide customers with value and choice.”

The corporate models include the entry level XGA CP-D10 and the network enabled WXGA CP-DW10N, both featuring direct projection through a single free-shaped plastic lens making them exceptionally versatile. Throw distances for an 80” screen for these models are 93cm and 86cm respectively. The CP-AW100N, also network enabled, has a mirror based projection system that further reduces the throw distance to 82cm. The flexibility of all these models means that they are well suited to table top operation, ceiling installation or the popular choice in whiteboard environments of convenient wall mounting above the screen using separately available brackets.

The line up is completed by three network enabled models to meet the specific requirements of the education market, including two direct projection, XGA models in the ED-D10N and the orange ED-D11N, and the mirror-type WXGA ED-AW100N.

The Short Throw characteristics of the new range fill the gap between the hugely successful Ultra Short Throw models - where Hitachi holds an 86% market share* - offering throw distances of only 63cm for the 80” screen and standard projectors requiring 2m or more for the same sized image.

The entire family benefits from the latest developments to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as well environmental impact. The hybrid filter with a 4000 hour cleaning cycle is the same as the expected lamp life when used in Eco mode. This reduces projector maintenance activity in typical environments to only one visit for approximately every two and a half year period, making them virtually maintenance free. Hitachi has also used the latest manufacturing and packaging techniques to reduce the amount of chemicals and CO2 used in the production and shipping of the projectors. Emissions and energy consumption are also minimised in operation by the power saving and Eco modes.

Many customers will use these models in conjunction with either standard or interactive whiteboards where the virtually shadow-free characteristics of Short Throw projection are particularly beneficial. The new Hitachi template function provides guide lines and grids to make it easy to write and draw on boards, while the daytime mode ensures that projections are always vivid, colourful and easy to see even in bright or sunny environments.

All of the new models feature a contrast ratio of 400:1 and while the multi-purpose units offer a bright 2000 lumens output, the education models are designed to comply with BECTA standards in areas such as brightness and performance. Noise output for all models is rated at 28dB in eco mode. As with all Hitachi projectors, these models feature the highest level of security functions ranging from Pin-lock password control, to transition detectors and a security bar.

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