Hitachi is set to inspire at BETT 2011 with the latest interactive whiteboards, tablets and ultimate short throw projectors

12-15 JANUARY 2011

London, January 2011 – From 12th – 15th January Hitachi will showcase yet another winning combination of innovative, inspirational and essential interactive whiteboards alongside a new, advanced generation of Ultimate Short Throw projectors.

Hitachi are proud to present the StarBoard FX-TRIO range, the successor of the previous FX-DUO range, the first dual touch interactive whiteboard on the market. The FX-TRIO range continues the innovation offering more advanced features such as the 'tri-touch' and the options of a steel surface and wide screen. Versatile and durable, Hitachi's interactive whiteboards deliver exceptional tools for the best possible learning for all ages.

The FX-TRIO-77, the first board released within the TRIO range, boasts a hard electronic-free surface, meaning no risk of damage to the interactive features and rendering it virtually unbreakable. This StarBoard can be used as an interactive whiteboard, whilst allowing you to favour your finger, a stylus or electronic pen or for those nostalgic moments, it can even be used as a dry-wipe whiteboard.

The FX-TRIO-77S most notable and distinctive for its optimised, robust steel-coated surface offers extra durability and like the FX-TRIO-77 offers a 77 inch interactive screen. Presenting the leading-edge widescreen format is the FX-TRIO-88W, providing additional working space leading to comfortable group work. Enhancing all visual based material and presentations and perfect for any sized classroom.

All three boards are multi-touch and multi-user friendly allowing up to three users to operate the board simultaneously. On trend with hand gesture operations, the FX-TRIO range allows you to zoom and scroll pages and images using both hands. Fully customisable, boasting field replaceable digitisers which allows easy access when needed, along with network and video conference with other interactive whiteboards, this trio of interactive whiteboards offers the complete learning environment.

Our education solutions have rapidly become important tools for a wide range of teaching environments. Capable of delivering an impressive 80" (203 cm) image from just 50cm, the newly released ED-A220NM Ultimate Short Throw projector offers virtually shadow-free projections for presenters, especially when using interactive applications. Whether it is used on a table top or wall mounted using the supplied bracket and integrated with a Hitachi FX-Trio interactive whiteboard, its innovative design allows it to blend seamlessly into its environment.

Network-enabled models including the ED-X45N, ED-D10N, ED-D11N and the ED-A220NM provide a range of advanced features for displaying content stored on a network. The clever Messenger function allows administrators to send text notifications to multiple, networked projectors instantly or at a specified time which, is ideal for projecting campus notifications, or important messages that need to cover a large area fast.

Ideal for medium to large classrooms, Hitachi's CP-X4021N Multi Purpose projectors will be displayed to demonstrate how these feature rich and versatile models can either be stacked vertically or positioned horizontally. Capable of delivering superb images with double, triple or quad brightness levels, these stackable projectors cost considerably less than individual high brightness models.

Offering lasting value to the modern education environment with simple and quiet operation, the new compact and light weight ED-X26, ED-X50 and ED-X52 provide great flexibility. Weighing just 2.2Kg, these models are not only great for the classroom, they can also be hand carried easily to other locations. To dramatically improve the comfort for audiences in meeting rooms and classrooms, these models feature a front facing air vent that directs hot air away from both the audience and lens.

All products are available for demonstration at the BETT show on stand G30
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