Advanced Systems Baltic OÜ introduced a new Interactive Whiteboard System Link EZ

  Easy to set up! Easy to use! Attach your StarBoard Link EZ system to any flat surface, connect it to a computer, connect the computer to a projector, a quick set-up routine and you are ready to start teaching with a fully functioning IWB.

key1.jpgEasy installation
StarBoard Link EZ secures to any flat surface in minutes to transform a static wall into an interactive environment.

key2.jpgFlexible active area
 The size of active area is adjustable - from 45’’ if the surface is limited, to 90’’ for the rooms where a bigger size of projection and work space is required.

key3.jpgFinger-driven technology
Use your finger, stylus or any object to easily navigate through activities, websites, and multi-media content.

key4.jpgMulti-touch hand gestures
Use your finger to annotate, fist to scroll and two fingers to erase or zoom in and out.

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