Interactive whiteboard Hitachi FX-TRIO-77E


The FX-TRIO-77E interactive whiteboards combine the latest finger touch technology with an exceptional affordability. All electronics on the whiteboard are contained in a field replaceable digitiser. This provides an electronic-free surface for durable use. The 77” whiteboards fit perfectly into traditional size classrooms, and allow educators to enhance learning experiences through engaging tools provided by StarBoard Software.

1.jpgFinger-driven Technology
Use your finger, stylus or any object to easily navigate through activities, websites, and multi-media content.

3.jpgInteractive Group Work
Engage your audience in the work sessions. Thanks to the multi-user feature, up to three users can operate the board simultaneously and work in a team on the same task.
2.jpgMulti-touch Hand Gestures
Control the whiteboard naturally with the multi-touch gestures - use your finger to annotate, fist to scroll and two fingers to erase or zoom in and out.
4.jpgQuick Access to Current Functions
The shortcut buttons situated on each side of the board allow quick access to the most current functions.


fxTrioE-web-2.jpgKey features
• Use a finger, stylus or an electronic pen to operate the whiteboard;
• Possibility to deactivate the finger mode for full control on the board with electronic pen;
• Stylus pen is included with the board;
• Interactive group work up to three users;
• Multi-touch features for intuitive use - scroll/ zoom-in/ zoom-out and other;
• 16 shortcut buttons for easy access to the current functions;
• Field replaceable digitiser;
• Light weight and durable surface for affordable use;
• Improved bracket design makes the board easy to mount.




      Electronic pen


           Stylus pen

The full version of StarBoard Software is included with
 the purchase of every Hitachi StarBoard

8.jpg• Support of different OS: Windows, Mac, Linux;
• Customisable floating toolbar;
• Hand writing recognition;
• Direct access to the Internet, Google image search;
• Import Microsoft Office files (Word, PPT...);
• Remote conferencing;
• Supports IWB Common File Format (CFF) for easy sharing of educational content.

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