Link EZ 2 - new Interactive Whiteboard System


Save money, space and time! StarBoard Link EZ2 turns your dry erase whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard
and converts already acquired equipment into an engaging interactive environment.
Attach the system to any flat surface, connect it to a computer, connect the computer to a projector,
a quick set-up routine and you are ready to start teaching with a fully functioning IWB.

Easy installation
StarBoard Link EZ2 secures to any flat
surface in minutes to transform a static wall
into an interactive environment.

Finger-driven technology
Use your finger, stylus or any object to
easily navigate through activities, websites,
and multi-media content.

Resizable input area
The size of active area is adjustable - from
60’’ if the surface is limited, to 90’’ for the
rooms where a bigger size of projection and
work space is required.

Interactive Group Work
Up to three users can operate the StarBoard
Link EZ2 simultaneously and work in a
team on the same task.


StarBoard software is included with every purchase of StarBoard Link EZ2
• Compatible with most operating systems;
• Customisable floating toolbar;
• Hand writing recognition;
• Direct access to the Internet, Google image search;
• Import Microsoft Office files (Word, PPT...);
• Supports IWB Common File Format* (CFF) for easy
sharing of educational content;
• Remote conferencing feature.
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