Vivitek Qumi Q2

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Versatile and portable, the Vivitek Qumi is perfect for sharing digital content at work and play. Hardly larger than a paperback book, it easily fits into a bag or backpack. Sharp contrast, brilliant colours and a crisp, bright picture from any device make the Qumi a sure favourite when travelling, visiting friends or simply wishing to share a new video clip with a group of people. Even if you don’t have a tablet, smart phone or laptop at hand, the Qumi can stream video content or pictures: simply plug in a USB flash drive and the Qumi starts the show. The Qumi is a brilliant companion for people on the go. The Qumi pocket projector is a future-proof companion in all aspects, as it is full-HD compatible, 3D-ready and it even has a built-in Web-Browser, making it the first “Smart-Projector” by using the WiFi Qumi Dongle to connect to a WAP with Internet access. For the style conscious user, the Qumi Q5 comes in five colours: glossy white and black, as well as the “ice cream” colours pink, blue, and green.

Vivitek introduces a line of accessories for Qumi LED-based pocket projectors. The accessories include a wireless dongle, battery pack, battery dock and cables. With the accessories, the Qumi becomes even more portable to share, work and entertain.

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