New 1-lamp professional projectors CP-WU8451 and CP-WU8461

Projectors Hitachi CP-WU8451 and CP-WU8461 are equipped with a light source with one lamp. They are designed for medium and large rooms, giving consumers the maximum features and image quality for this class of equipment. Also, one of the main benefits of the new Hitachi projectors is the minimum maintenance costs and low cost of ownership, due to the low power consumption and increase in the replacement cycle of lamps and filters.

CP-WU8451 and CP-WU8461 use 3LCD technology and provide excellent image quality with a resolution of WUXGA (1920 x 1200) in all operating conditions. Accentualizer technology ensures high contrast and realistic color reproduction using the content of any quality and resolution. HDCR (High Dynamic Contrast Range) adjusts the lamp power and playback settings depending on the operating conditions, which ensures high quality images even in brightly lit rooms.

Projectors are equipped with compact UHP lamps which have high luminous efficiency and high brightness. This allows the use of projectors in the classroom with intensive ambient light and does not require further darkening of the room.

Central location of the optical unit with motorized zoom, focus and lens shift horizontally and vertically as well as the possibility of projection at any angle in the range of 360 ° provide convenience and ease of installation of projectors Hitachi CP-WU8451 and CP-WU8461.

Status Monitor function allows real-time monitoring of the device status (the lamp counter, error messages, etc.) that facilitates maintenance and operation of the projector. Lamp and filter replacement is easily and quickly produced with any installation method of the projector and does not need to dismantle and disturb the settings and connections.

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