Беспроводные устройства безопасности

Sometimes, persons must access dangerous areas of machinery and installations to carry out machine settings or fault elimination, for example. Because they are out of the reach, stationary emergency-stop buttons can not be reached early enough for a cutoff of the machinery within seconds. SAFEMASTER®W, a wireless companion for your safety, is the solution for this problem. It allows you to cut off dangerous movements within a fraction of a second. 

• Better availability of your machines and plants
• Mobile and flexible because it is portable or hand-held
• Versatile
• Safe, SK4 acc. to EN 954-1
• Performance Level "e" acc. to DIN EN ISO 13849-1
• Radio technology, without wear and maintenance
• User-friendly and ergonomic
• Convenient one-hand operation

Multifunctional safety solutions: SAFEMASTER®W

Remote control for SAFEMASTER®W

Accessories SAFEMASTER®W

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