Remote switches

  Time and remote control switches are the both cornerstones of DOLD's installation electronics. They belong to the basis devices of modern building system automation and are mainly used for lighting control. Apart from classic staircase lighting time switches and remote-control switches also time switches which can be reset and cut off before time-out as well as remote control switches for central and group control belong to this wide-spread product range. This also includes the DOLD energy-saving switch combining the properties of time and remote control switch. Further installation devices such as louvre switches, load disconnecting relays or the innovative hybrid switching relay complete DOLD's installation hardware offering.

Remote switches (Impulse relays)
lth (A)
of systems
For top hat
rail mounting
Remote switches (Impulse relays)1NO16+1+17.5IK 8702, SK 8702
Remote switches (Impulse relays)ever 1NO8+2+17.5IK 8702/200,
Remote switches (Impulse relays)4 C/O161+17.5; 35IK 8800, IL 8800
Remote switch for central
switching operations
1NO10+1 ... 4+17.5; 35IK 8703, IL 8703
Remote switch for central
switching operations
4C/O161+17.5; 35IK 8805, IL 8805
Remote switch for central
switching operations
2NO10+17.5IK 8807
Remote switch for central and
group switching operations
1NO10+1; 3+17.5; 35IK 8704, IL 8704
NO = normally open contact, C/O = change over