Specific Pressure Transmitters

Do you have a specific process? If no standard material can be used for your process, then Fuji Electric France has got a solution for you. For us your “specific” is a standard! Chemistry, Paper mills, Oil & Gas : in all these industries, the transmitters must be able to cope with very severe conditions. The know-how of our local team guarantees the respect of very strict production standards and a constant innovation.

The use of exotic materials for wetted parts (such as Tantalum, Monel, Hastelloy-CTM, PVDF...), seals with capillaries or direct mounting, with flush or extension diaphragms, are a few examples of specific applications that FUJI ELECTRIC is able to manage in its French factory.

Датчик давленияDifferential pressure measurement (chemical industry).
Flanges DN25 PN16 are made of PVDF. All other wetted parts are made of Tantalum or Hastelloy С.
Датчик давленияFlow measurement for Off-Shore applications, static pressures up to 1035 bar, stainless still 316 housing option. 
Датчик уровняLevel measurement with an extended diaphragm seal DN80 / PN40.
 Датчик давленияDifferential pressure transmitter with DN80 PN40 remote capillary seals
 Датчик расходаFlow measurement on gas, vapour or liquid with a “Pitot” tube mounted on the DP transmitter via a 3 valve manifold.
 Датчик расходаFlow measurement based on differential pressure transmitter, 3-valve manifold and special orifice plate.
 Датчик расходаIntegrated orifice, direct mounted on a DP transmitter for very low flow measurement for gas or liquid.
 Датчик расходаFlow measurement of abrasive, viscouse liquid or gas with differential pressure transmitter, 3-valve manifold and special V-Cone element inside the pipe.
Датчики давленияSpecial protection cover.