Don’t let a projector come between you and your audience.

Featuring unique Hitachi optical technology, the CP-A100/ED-A100/ED-A110 has an ultra short throw capability delivering a 60" projection screen at only 42cm.

This allows the projector to be sited very close to the screen, eliminating shadowing effects and allowing greater flexibility for the user. With advanced picture quality, added usability and security features this product will revolutionise the use of projectors in education and business.

- World’s first high performance free shaped lens
- Unique Hitachi technology
- Ultra Short Throw – 42cm for 60"
- Brightness:
                       CP-A100:  Normal Mode – 2500 Lumens,
                                           Whisper Mode – 2000 Lumens
                       ED-A100:  Normal Mode – 1500 Lumens,
                                           Bright Mode – 2000 Lumens
                       ED-A110:  Normal Mode – 1500 Lumens,
                                           Bright Mode – 2000 Lumens

- Full Connectivity – RGB 2in/1out, Video, S-Video, Component, 3 x Audio in, 1 x out
- Network capability – LAN through RJ-45
- Easy Maintenance – Conveniently located lamp door on top of the projector, plus a highly
  effective filter ensures that  servicing and maintenance are kept to a minimum
- Enhanced Security – Security bar, PIN lock, MyScreen PIN Lock, Keypad lock, E-mail alert
   when connected to a LAN

•  Hitachi Ultra Short Throw technology
The CP-A100/ED-A100/ED-A110 use the world’s first, high performance, free shaped lens, uniquely developed by Hitachi, this allows the projector to produce a 60" image, at only 42cm from the mirror to the screen.

•  Versatile Performance
With their compact size and ability to project a 60" image from just 42 cm, measured from the mirror to the screen. Hitachi’s CP-A100/ED-A100/ED-A110 Ultra Short Throw projectors are perfect in any size of room, be that a boardroom, a classroom or at home

•  Ultra Short Throw. Long term benefits
Using Hitachi’s new unique high performance lens, we are able
to dramatically reduce the throw distance, combined with the
introduction of a high angle projection capability means that the
quiet CP-A100/ ED-A100/ED-A110 projector can be sited only
42cm away for a 60" screen.
Benefits include:
Optimises available space
Flexible for both intimate or large environments
More room for presenter and audience
Shadow free presentations
No direct glare from the projector light

•  Network Capability
LAN through RJ-45. This feature enables you to monitor and
control your projector from one place so less time is required for
checking and maintenance, reducing the total cost of ownership.
For example:
Turn all your projectors off at once
Schedule maintenance to reduce the projector downtime
Prevent loss, with an e-mail alert when the projector becomes disconnected from the LAN

•  Security
Excellent multi-level security protection reduces the risk of theft, including PIN locks, security bar, security labels, Kensington lock, an email alert when removed from the network.

•  Picture quality
Hitachi’s unique high performance lens technology, creates the highest possible picture quality. The vivid 3LCD 8 bit /colour offers 16.7m colours with XGA resolution bringing you clear, and sharp images.

•  Easy Maintenance
Easy maintainance is assured with the inclusion of highly effective parts throughout the projector. The lamp door is located on top of the projector so it’s really easy to access the lamp, this combined with the sliding filter door, ensures it is quick and easy to clean, maintain and replace these items.

•  Connectivity
Wide-ranging connectivity features include Dual RGB inputs and one RGB output, Video, S-Video, Component, three audio inputs and one output, plus an RJ-45 socket for wired LAN access.

•  Design
The CP-A100/ED-A100/ED-A110 has been refined to create a complete compact product design. Using stylish contours to create a modern look.

•  Low Noise
With a low noise level of just 29dB, and with the projector further away from the audience, there are fewer distractions in meetings and presentations and the presenter or teacher can concentrate on their presentation or lesson.

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